Arbors, bench and swing.
Compatibility: ArchiCad 7.0 and up.


Set of parametric outdoor arbors.

Crescent Arbor
– Pen, arbor material, iron ring, gate 1 opening, gate 2 opening.

Kimbal Swing
– 2D symbol pen, pen, mounting height, seat height, chrome.
– Materials- fabric, wood and iron.

Lincoln Glider
– Model pen, cushion.
– Materials- fabric, wood and iron.

Plantation Arbor
– 3D model pen, 2D plan symbol pen, arbor material, swing, bench.
– Swing Options- swing pen.
– Materials- chain, wood, fabric, and iron.
– Bench Options- bench pen, bench material, back style.

Shannon Arbor
– Pen, arbor material.

Sheffield Arbor
– Model pen, 2D symbol pen, arbor size, arch style, arbor material, bench, bench styles.


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