Bedroom A


Modern and traditional bedroom furniture.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


A set of 10 parametric bedroom objects.

Bed Footlocker
– Set materials for cabinet, hardware and joint.

Bedroom Mirror
– Vertical size, set materials for body, mirror and pivot, and angle of mirror from vertical.

Bedroom Settee
– Vertical size, frame, cushion and accent panel materials.

Bedroom Settee2
– Seat and arm material, seating surface length and depth.

Contemporary Bed
– Cabinet wood verticals and horizontals, set materials for cabinet, pillow, mattress, sheet and top cover,headboard upholstry.

Double Dresser
– Vertical size, set materials for dresser body, hardware and top.

Dresser Mirror
– Vertical size, frame and mirror material.

Round Nightstand
– Wood verticals and wood horizontals, drawer pull and top material.

Simple 3 drawer dresser
– Set materials for body, main body, top, joint, drawer, hardware and leg.

Victorian Dresser
– Vertical size, set materials for dresser body, hardware, top and mirror.


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