Church furnishings.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


A set of six, parametric objects for use in a church.

Objects & Parameters:

1) Church Altar Candle
– choose materials for holder and candle

2) Church Clergy Chair
– choose materials for: cushion color, wood verticals, and wood horizontals

3) Church Cross Pole Holder
– choose material

4) Church Kneeler
– choose materials for: cushion, frame, and support
– choose length of kneeler
– choose number of supports

5) Church Pew

a) choose vertical size

b) pew seating
– choose length of pew seating surface
– choose materials for seat and cushion
– choose with or without back cushion
– choose with or without seat cushion

c) pew end
– choose styles for end and cross on end
– choose materials for: end, end trim, and cross

d) pew support
– choose style for center support
– choose material for center support
– choose number of center supports

e) accessories
– choose with or without bible / hymnal holders
– choose materials for: book holder, book cover, and book page
– choose number of book holders

6) Church Sanctuary Cross
– choose materials for: wood verticals, wood horizontals, and metal accents / sunburst


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