Classroom Accessories


This is a set of four accessories for your virtual classroom.



1) Clock 4 (Arabic numerals: 1 to 12;
– vertical size
– materials for: bezel, face, characters (numbers), hands, and crystal
– with or without crystal
– bezel depth
– style for hands: 1 to 4
– minute hand angle
– hour hand angle

2) Movie Screen
– vertical size
– materials for: retractor material 1 and material 2; screen; screen trim; and handle
– mounting height (to top of screen)
– screen width and height
– screen up or down

3) School PA (“Public-Address”) Box
– vertical size
– materials for cabinet and speaker
– mounting height from floor

4) School Fire Bell (fire alarm; or school bell)
– vertical size
– materials for: bell / case, bracket, metal trim, striker head
– mounting height

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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