Display Cases


Display an assortment of items with this set of two display cases. One can also function as an aquarium or cage for small pets.



Objects & Parameter Options:

1) Display Case / Aquarium (or cage for small pets)
– vertical size
– materials for: base and base trim; cabinet; glass; cabinet bottom; hardware; lamp and lamp casing
– use: display case or aquarium
– with or without base trim
– cabinet width, height, and depth
– base height
– with or without base

2) Wall Display / Trophy Case
– vertical size
– materials for: cabinet, trim, door, track, support bracket, shelf, and rear
– cabinet width, height, and depth
– trim width
– with or without trim
– number of shelves: zero to two
– height of shelf 1 and shelf 2

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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