Drinking Fountains


Two styles, highly parametric
Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


This is a set of two, wall-mounted drinking fountains for commercial use.

Objects & Parameter Options:

1) Drinking Fountain 1 (rectangular basin)
– vertical size
– materials for: basin / backsplash, cabinet, spout, drain, and handle
– with or without the following: backsplash, front push-handle, left push-handle, right push-handle, basin overhang, and cooler
– basin overhang length
– mounting height to basin
– cooler height

2) Drinking Fountain 2 (circular basin)
– vertical size
– materials for: fountain, spout, drain, handle, and vent – mounting height to basin
– low mount or center mount (for basin to unit)
– with or without cooler vent
– mounting plate width