Laundry and Sewing Accessories


8 realistic and parametric Laundry & Sewing Accessories.



Laundry & Sewing Accessories
Bolt of cloth, horizontal
-Materials-cloth, bolt.

Bolt of cloth, vertical
-Materials-cloth, bolt.

Bolt of cloth, horizontal
-Materials-cloth, bolt.

-Materials-body, handle, water indicator, control material 1 and 2, sole material 1 and 2, on heel (on or off).

Ironing Board
-Materials-pad, frame, foot.

Laundry Basket

-Materials-blade/hinge, handle.

Sewing Kit
-Materials-case, handle/latch, textile 1 and 2, tray, spool, thread material 1, 2, 3 and 4, bobbin, tool material 1 and 2, thimble material.

Sewing Machine
-Materials-body, joint, control, foot, LED bezel material, LED display material, arm assembly material.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 7.0 and up


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