Library Accessories


This is a set of four objects – two library carts, card catalog, and a study carrel – to outfit your virtual library or study hall.



Objects & Parameter Options:

1) Library Cart
– vertical size
– materials for: frame, handle, shelf, wheel, tire, and caster

2) Study Carrel
– vertical size
– materials for surround and work surface
– surround style: 1 to 3

3) Library Cart 2
-materials for end, rack, caster, and wheel
-length of rack

4) Card Catalog
-materials for case, base, label frame, label, knob, and drawer face.
-drawer width and height
-distance between drawers
-case depth (0=none)
-base style 1-2 or none
-toe space
-base height
-no. of columns and rows
-handle on/off
-label on/off

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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