Restroom Accessories


Signs, dispensers, school multi-lavatory.



This set of 7 parametric restroom stall partition objects includes the following objects and parameters:

1. Hand Dryer
– vertical size, body material, sign material, button material, nozzle material, mounting height from floor.

2. Paper Towel & Trash Unit
– vertical size, body material, joint material, towel material, mounting height from floor

3. Restroom Sign
– vertical size, sign material, character material, men or women’s sign

4. Semi-Circular Lavatory
– vertical size, basin material, faucet / sensor material, drain material, basin rim height

5. Soap Dispenser
– vertical size, body material, plunger material, mounting height

6. Toilet Paper Dispenser
– vertical size, body material, roll material, mounting height

7. Wall Ash Urn
– vertical size, body material, tray material, release handle material, mounting height from floor

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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