Room Fixtures, Prison


This set of six objects can be used to accessorize your virtual criminal’s cell, as well as common areas, in any correctional facility, such as a prison, jail, or juvenile hall. The wall desk could also function as a shelf. The bookcase and desk objects could also be used in an office, bedroom, or school dormitory. The lavatory object could also be used for any restroom facility needing to conserve space, such as in a ship’s cabin or airplane.



Objects and parameters include:

1) Molded Bookcase
– vertical size
– material

2) Prison Desk
– materials for desk and seat
– angle of attached stool to side of desk

3) Prison Lavatory
– vertical size
– materials for: body, faucet / knob, water, and drain
– with or without toilet water

4) Wall Desk (or shelf)
– vertical size
– materials for surface and support
– writing surface length

5) Molded Cabinet 1
-materials for cabinet and joint
-mounting height from floor

6) Molded Cabinet 2
-materials for cabinet and joint
-mounting height from floor

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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