Salad and Cafeteria Bars


Parametric bars, sneeze guards, and containers.
Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up.


This is a set of six objects relating to a parametric, restaurant salad bar and hot food warmer.

Objects & Parameters:

1) Salad & Hot Food Bar
– choose materials for: base, cabinet, rail bracket, rail, sneeze guard bracket, and sneeze guard glass
– choose width, height, and length of bar section
– choose height of base
– choose number of rails & rail / guard supports
– choose style and height of rail
– choose depth of bar basin
– choose with or without sneeze guards
– choose base-unit or ceiling-mounted sneeze guard (for ceiling-mounted, see #2 below)

2) Ceiling-Mounted Sneeze Guard
– choose materials for: light cabinet, light, hanger, frame, and glass
– choose length of hanger
– choose height and width of light box
– choose length of unit
– choose number of side frames
– choose number of glass sections

3) Round Food Containers (3): 4 inch, 8 inch, and 12 inch in diameter
– choose materials for: container, lid, handle, cover plate, food, and ice
– choose height of container
– choose height of food
– choose height of: top of ice / bottom of cover
– choose length and width of: cover / ice
– choose with or without: cover, food, ice

4) Rectangular Food Container
– choose materials for: container, lid, handle, and food
– choose length, width, and depth of container
– choose depth of food
– choose with or without: food, lid


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