Contemporary Light Fixtures 2


A set of sleek modern lighting fixtures.


Objects and parameters include:

Magic Glass Can Light
-materials for frame, pin, lamp, and ring materials 1 and 2.

Swoopy Sconce
-materials for back plate, trim, shade, and diffuser.

Cylinder Can Light
-materials for body, shade, and bulb.

Spun Metal Pendant Light
-materials for shade, lamp, and cable.
-overall height

Swoopy Pendant Light
-materials for body, diffuser, lamp, and cable.
-overall height

Swoopy Down Light
-materials for frame, lamp, and diffuser.

Cone Chandelier
-materials for body, socket, bulb, shade glass 1 and 2, shade rim and cable
-cable length

Compatibility: ArchiCad 11.0 and higher.


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