Dentist’s office suite.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up



Objects and parameters include:

1. dentist’s light
-materials for lamp body, lamp trim, lamp handle, lamp mirror, lamp glass, arm, track material 1 and 2, and mounting plate.
-ceiling mounting height
-distance slid along track
-mounting arm height (at two points)
-lift of arm
-length of track
-arm rotation

2. dentist’s stool
-materials for frame, seat, wheel,and foot pad.
-footrest on/off

3. dentist’s chair
-materials for upholstery, frame, gasket, base, base pad, and accent.

4. X-ray machine
-materials for cabinet, control panel, controls, joint, body, barrel, and lens.
-control mounting height
-arm swing angle
-arm extension


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