Operating Clinic Furniture


Operating room and therapeutic furniture.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 10.0 and up



Objects and parameters included:

1. operating table
-materials for cushion, frame, podium, foot, end caps and joints

2. crash cart
-materials for body, railing, joint, handle, caster, and caster wheel.

3. medical ceiling monitor
-materials for body, joint, monitor, monitor bracket, monitor bezel 1 and 2, screen, buttons, and boom.
-first hinge height from ceiling
-drop of first arm
-rotation of second hinge
-drop of second arm
-rotation of third hinge
-vertical rotation of display

4. podium 2
-materials for wood horizontals/verticals, toe space/reveals, desk surface, door joint, hardware, mike, mike tip, monitor, monitor speaker, and screen
-desk side extensions 1 and 2 on/off separately

5. equipment pendant
-materials for body, joint, tray, instruments, and instrument foot
-rotation at second hinge
-drop at second hinge
-rotation at third hinge
-drop to lowest tray
-equipment on/off

6. examination table
-materials for frame, top, caster, caster wheel, adjustment knob, and riser.
-table height

7. surgical light 2
-materials for body, joint, lamp body, handle, handle bracket, reflector, and lighting element.
-drop at first hinge
-drop at arm
-rotation at second hinge
-swing at third hinge

8. AV console
-materials for cabinet, removable panels, rack/mounts, monitor bezel, monitor screen, equipment 1-5, LED display, desktop and wrist rest.

9. medical computer cart


caster, caster wheel, footrest, body, body trim, drawer front, drawer handle, drawer module, desktop, keyboard shelf , desktop handle, and joint.


body, bezel, screen, and button.


body, joint, and button.

10. pro keyboard
-materials for keys, translucent areas, and USB ports

11. exam room utility panel
-materials for backboard, modules, module joints, module screens 1-3, cable, squeeze, tube, tube valve, coil cord, instruments, keypad, and plug.

12. cardiac treadmill
-materials for body (1 and 2), handle, handle grip, tread, support, foot, frame, bolt, wheel, and tire.

13. cardio chair
-materials for upholstery, frame, caster tire, caster wheel, caster, side tray, and footrest.
-left and right trays on/off independently
-back angle
-extend footrest on/off

14. portable heart monitor
-materials for base, caster, caster joint, knob, pole, frame, handle, basket, cable, sleeve, monitor case, screen bezel, screen, and controls.


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