Lockers 2



Objects and parameters include:

-materials for body and loop
-lock open or locked

2.combination lock
-materials for body, loop, dial and knob
-lock open or locked

3.executive locker
-materials for wood verticals and horizontals, base, crown, lock, keyhole,
button,light 1 and 2
-double tier on/off
-crown on/off
-base on/off
-lock type 1-3
-number of bays
-right and left side panels, none or styles 1 and 2

4.designer locker
-materials for body, trim, lock, lock plate, base, keyhole, dial material 1 and 2
button, and light 1 and 2
-door style 1-3
-crown on/off
-base on/off
-number of bays
-lock style 1-4

Compatibility: ArchiCad 12 and up


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