Lab Accessories Set


Test tubes, microscope, petri dish, flasks.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up



Set of 9 parametric lab accessories.

Bunsen Burner
-Materials-burner, hole.

Flask, Circular
-Materials-flask and content material, contents.

Flask, Triangular
-Materials-flask and content material, contents.

Graduated Cylinder
-Materials-cylinder and content material, contents and content level.

-Materials-body material, 1 and 2, knob material, 1 and 2, eyepiece, lens, adjustable lens material.

Petri Dish
-Materials-dish, content material, contents.

Ring Stand
-Materials-base, foot pad, stand. Stand overall height, ring height from table.
-Materials-content material, contents and content level.

Vial Rack
-Materials-shelf and support material.


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