Projection Screens




Objects & Parameters:

1) Movie Screen (also included with “Classroom Accessories” in the School Accessories category)
– choose vertical size
– choose materials for: retractor 1 and retractor 2; screen; screen trim; and handle
– choose mounting height (to top of screen)
– choose width and height of screen
– choose with screen up or down

2) Presentation Cabinet
– choose width and height
– choose angle of door swing
– choose with or without eraser
– choose with or without marker
– choose materials for: case, whiteboard, tack board, eraser, and marker

3) Projection Screen
– choose height of stand
– choose height and width of screen
– choose screen open or closed
– choose materials for: pole, foot, screen, and screen back

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up


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