Chiropractor and Massage Family


Massage table, electrotherapy, towel warmer, etc.
Compatibility: ArchiCad 7.0 and up


Objects and parameters include:

1. chiro-message table
-materials for upholstery, table top, table leg, and towels (1 and 2).
-roll pillow on/off
-hip pads on/off
-towels on/off

2. chiropractor’s table
-materials for upholstery, frame, control box, switches, and base.
-adjustable height.

3. electrotherapy table
-materials for top, metal trim, cabinet, and towels (1 and 2)
-towels on/off

4. electrotherapy station
-materials for cabinet, faceplate, dial 1 and 2, buttons 1-3, LED, paddle cords, paddles 1 and 2.
-paddles on/off

5. hydrocollater heating unit
-materials for body, joint, face plate, controls 1-3, handle, caster and caster wheel.

6. scale, doctor’s
-materials for platform, pad, stand, slide bar, and weights.


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