Commercial Kitchen Library


Furniture and equipment for restaurant kitchens.

Compatibility: ArchiCad 6.5 and up.


2 Slice Toaster
– Depth, number of slices, toast.
– Materials- body, knob and handle, foot, slot, toast.

Airport Coffee Brewer
– Materials- main, base, upper plate, foot, side rail, on/off switch material.

Airport Coffee Canister
– Materials- base, lid and handle, body, interior, button and coffee.
Coffee(on or off), Lid(open or closed).

Airport Coffee Mug
– Coffee(on or off).
– Materials- main, trim, inside mug, coffee.

Bagel Former Divider
– Materials- main, controls, belts, vent, caster wheel, caster housing, pipe, control box, things that should be black, tray.

Box Exhaust Hood
– Materials- length, housing and filter.

Cappuccino Machine
– Materials- metal, chrome and knob. Rubber gasket, button 1, 2 and 3. Accent color, base plate, spouts.

Coffee Double Warmer
– Materials- main, warmer, foot, on/off switch material. Place coffee pot, placement of warmer.

Coffee Pot
– Materials- pot, handle, rim and spout, coffee. coffee level.

Commercial Kitchen Table
– Materials- body, top, slider. Overall length, width and height. Height of lower shelf.

Commercial Microwave
– Things that should be black, LCD material, button backing 1 and 2, # button backing.- Materials-main, knob and handle top, handle, glass, microwave interior, back.

Conveyor Toaster
– Materials- main, foot, wire rack, knob handle, knob face, toast main material, toast crust material, toast(on or off).

Corner Dishwasher
– Loading table length, unloading table length.
– Materials- foot, leg, main body, handle, black mechanical parts, mechanical parts 1, 2 and 3. Control box cover.

Counter Top Fryer
– Number of bins, width, depth.
– Materials- body, leg, basket, knob.

Counter Top Griddle
– Number of griddles, width, depth.
– Materials- body, griddle, leg and trim.

Counter Top Griddle 2
– Number of griddles, width, depth, hamburgers.
– Materials- body, splash guard, griddle, hamburger, leg and trim, knob.

Deep Angled Exhaust Hood
– Length, housing and filter material.

– Rack and plate material.

Draft Arm 1
– Tower, faucet and handle material, Style.

Draft Arm 2
– Main, faucet and handle material, # of faucets, spacing of faucets.

Draft Faucet
– Faucet and handle material, Style.

Draft Tower
– Main, faucet and handle material, Length of tower, # of faucets.

Draft Tower Pedestal
– Main, faucet and handle material, # of faucets, Length of tower.

Electric Broiler
– Overall width and depth.
– Materials- Knob and handle, body, oven rack, glass, joint, number of broilers.

Empty Rack
– Rack material, Style

Food Chopper
– Materials- body, pipe, face plate, plunger, grate, pan, foot pad, leg, control, control faceplate.

Food Prep Table
– Materials- body, worktop, door, handle, caster, caster wheel, bin, bin door, unit width and depth, height to worktop, no. of bins, bin doors, 1(on or off), 2(on or off), no. of doors.

Food Processor
– Materials- body, housing, bowl, accessories, lid.

Food Storage (1 section)
– Materials- body, door/faceplate, vent, control, handle, glider, 1=front only, 2=pass thru, overall height, width and depth. 6″” legs.

Food Storage (2 section)
– Materials- body, door/faceplate, vent, control, handle, glider, 1=front only, 2=pass thru, overall height, width and depth. 6″” legs.

Food Storage (3 section)
– Materials- body, door/faceplate, vent, control, handle, glider, 1=front only, 2=pass thru, overall height, width and depth. 6″” legs.

Free Standing Fryer
– Number of bins, depth and width.
– Materials- body, leg, trim, fry basket trim, fry basket.

– Rack and glass material, Style.

Hot Plate
– Vertical size.
– Materials- body, trim, burner, leg, switch, light, no. of burners(1 or 2), burner 1, burner 2.

Meat Slicer
– Materials- main, rod, handles, knob trim, blade, foot.

Mixer, Floor Model
– Materials- main, control knobs 1 and 2, bowl, cage,
beater, dome.

– Width, depth, number of ovens.
– Materials- body, leg, knob and handle, vent.

– Width, depth, door style.
– Materials- body, leg, glass, knob, knob backing.

Pizza Exhaust Hood
– Length, housing and vent material, Depth.

Pour Over Coffee Brewer
– Materials- main, foot, burner, on/off switch material, handle, top plate, Lower pot, Placement of coffee brewer, upper pot.

– Heating element.
– Materials- body, hotplate, heating element, heating element trim, leg, handle, knob.

Restaurant Ice Maker
– Materials- cabinet, door, hardware, button, foot, joint.

Scale Bar
– Materials- main, basket, face text, face, glass, arrow.

Scale Chain
– Materials- main, chain, basket, face, face text, arrow, glass.

Soup Kettle
– Materials- main, inner lining, soup, soup(on or off).

Twin Coffee Urns
– Materials- main, secondary metal, plastic tubes, metal tubes, spout, balck controls, red controls, line, control background, foot.

Under Counter Freezer
– Materials- main, caster wheel, caster mounting, handle, things that should be black.

Under Counter Refrigerator
– Materials- body, door, base, door glass, shelving, handle trim.

– Length, sink(on or off), undertable racks(on or off), shelving(on or off).
– Materials- main, foot, drain, faucet. # of hooks on top row, top row end hooks)on or off), # of hooks on lower row.


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